What it means to me to be Patriotic

Patriotism means love of one’s country. It means that we love our country so much that we are prepared to fight against our enemies bravely.

There are many ways of showing love for our beloved country, Malaysia. To me, patriotism is not just flying the national flag or singing our national anthem ‘Negara Ku’. To me, patriotism is more than that.

To me, patriotism means loving and being proud of our land, our towns, our cities, our villages, our jungles, our parks, our beaches, our islands and also our country. So, hoe can we litter all over the place?? To show patriotism, we should keep our houses, our schools, our towns, our environment, and our entire country clean and free from litter. We should always keep the phrase ‘Don’t litter!!!’ in our minds and our hearts all the time.

To me, patriotism means helping others when they need help. We should help the poor, the disable and the old with our time, effort and money. When we help those who need us and show that we care for them, we are being patriotic.

To me, patriotism also means showing for other people. We should respect and honour one another although they are of a different race, colour and religion. When we respect them, it means we also respect them, it means we also respect our country. This is what patriotism means to me.
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