Friendship day

International Friendship Day takes place on the first Sunday every year. The IS Friendship Day began in 1935 and is now celebration in many countries. On Friendship Day you pay tribute to your friends and appreciate the important role they played in your life…….


+ call or SMS your friend in Friendship Day to let them know how much u appreciate their friendship.
+ write a note for each of your friend with suitable quotations about friendship and give it to them with a friendship bracelet, a flower, chocolate, stuffed toy or a cake……
+ ring up the radio station and dedicate a song to them….
+ take a photo of you and your friend
+ go boating, bowling or have a picnic by the beach
+ invite your friends over to your house (with your parent’s permission), play games, have some snack/drinks and watch a movie about friendship like Rain Man, Wizard of Oz, and Dumd and Dumber. Check out films at your local vedio shop:
+ plant a ‘Friendship Tree’ in your neighbourhood and green the environment…
TQ sudi baCa.. jgN luPe koMen taU =)

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