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Wihoooo~ actually... at first, I ignoring this invitation from my beloved friend on this blogging world Miss Junkyo Hikari a.k.a MisakiPureBlood with a certain reasons.. but, after some days I didn't updating my blog... I've got 2 new invitation from Miss Mind Meld and Miss Nurhaziqah... how sweet ~
so now ! with my broken English.... I try to answer all the question... but ! let me tell u 1st... what is the rules of this award..

And the rules are :
  • Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog;
  • Answer the 11 questions asked;
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with lots of potential;
  • Create 11 of your own questions set for them to answer;
  • Notify your nominees.

 This is your question n my answer :

1.   What is your blog about?
  • all about me, about what I know, about my experience, about my family, sometimes I write about the what I've read on news or watch on TV... nothing special, but I'll make me myself special...
2.   What is your favourite drama/movie genre?
  • Romantic/comedy, horror 
3.   Which country drama/movie you like or love to watch?
  • Hindustan,,, ngehehe,,,
4.   Do you love anime? If you love anime state what anime you like to watch...
  • I do not really love anime, but, I have several anime character that I love watch like CardCaptor Sakura and Conan (anime ka jugak?? haha?
5.   Do you love Kpop or Korean Drama? If you love state any band/idol or drama that you love...
  • I love Korean Drama.. but I'm the one who not addicted to this phenomena, I only watch the Drama/Movie depends on my friend recommendation.. I watch some Korean Drama/Movie depends on its story... like My Girl, The Inheritor, My Lucky star, BoysOver Flower n bla bla bla... haha
6.   Did you achieve what you want start from your kid age until today?
  • urm... nope... because when I'm a kids.. I want to be a Policeman... but,,, tak cukup tinggi dah ~ haha
7.   What age you want to get married? State the reason why...
  • This age, because??? donno why.. maybe its all about jealousy... haha
8.   What is your favourite place you want to visit someday?
  • Tokyo Japan
9.   Did you believe in magic? and if magic is real and allow to perform, state type of magic you really want...
  • yup ! I wanna be like Merlin magic... haha
10. If you had a chance to go back to your past, will you change the history of your life  

  • yup ! to many things I want to change if I can ~ huhu
11. Between love and money, which one you prefer most? State the reason why... 

  • Love... love is something more valuable than money !

2. Miss Mind Meld
1. What is your biggest dream right now and you want to achieve it?
  • I wanna be someone wife ! haha... no la... I wanna be the one who can make my parents happier ! 
2. How old are you?
  • urm... today I 21 year, 4 month, 1 week 2 days old ...
3. What is your opinion about blogging?
  • blogging? all about to share ur experience or as a diary or the way to find extra income maybe
4. Name your 3 favorite singers.
  • Hafiz, Black and Tiffany Alvord
5. Do you love to read novels?
  • exactly !
6. What is your favourite novel of all?
  • Setia Hujung Nyawa
7. Do you have pets?
  • Yes I have =D
8. What would you name your pet if you have one?
  • Mamau, Miko, Haru, Kiki, TamTam, Luna and Nyoyot ! hehe
9. Why do you blog?
  • for fun ~ to save my memories... 
10. What is your aim for your blog?
  • nothing ~ hehe
11. What do you see yourself in the next 10 years from now?maybe that time.. I already have my own family,, hehe

3. Miss Nurhaziqah
1. Do you have nickname? List them and which is you favorite?
  • yup ! Al, Yani, Yan, Alyan, Alya and AYU? my favorite?? Al n Yan =D
2. What kind of food do you like?
  • Something Spicy..
3. Tell me about things that changes your life forever.
4. Describe yourself in two words, one positive and one negative.
  • Positive : love to make friends, Negative : Careless
5. How do you spend you leisure time?
  • Blogging =D
6. What is a dream that you want it to be true ?
  • I have my own car and house
7. Define LIFE in your own words.
  • Happy
8. What do you think about your appearance ? explain .
  • Simple and happy go lucky (maybe)... I'm a very talkative person...only who close with me know my attitude..
9. If you were given a chance to grant a wish, what would it be?
  • I wanna be the one who have magic and can make all dreams came true .. hehehe
10. What will you do to express love to the people you love?
  • giving all my attention to the person... and giving all my love to them..
11. Describe your crush =D
  • more than words...

here my own question set for you guys :

  1. You ware born in which month?
  2. Do you have someone special in your life? If you do, who? state the person name..
  3. what kind of person that you hate most??
  4. Who is your best friends forever? state only 1 name.. if she/he has blog... so tag them =D
  5. According to the name that you mention above, tell he/she your hope or wish on your relation..
  6. When your 1st and last meeting with ur Bestfriend?
  7. Are you studying now?? where??
  8. Do you love your teacher??
  9. Do you wish to become a teacher just like your favorite teacher?explain.
  10. When last time you meet ur favorite teacher?
  11. State your favorite teacher name =D
this is the person who I like to ask :

TQ sudi baCa.. jgN luPe koMen taU =)


  1. alyani ! terima kasih sudi jawab ! hehe

  2. Yaaaaa.....!!!!! :O TAAGGG!!! OMG (buat teruk jap) esok lusa saya jawab ye :3



Assalamualaikum ~
komen y baik2 k.... tq sebab respon entry saya =)

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