Do you know what are you saying in your solat ?

Please watch this video... U will know how much important to us to understand what we are saying in solat...
After I watch this video... I ask myself.. Do I know and understand what have I said in my solat ??? Only me and myself know the answers...
TQ sudi baCa.. jgN luPe koMen taU =)


  1. nowadays I try to recite al-Fatihah and remember the meaning of its...
    only Fatihah I remember the words in solat for this moment...

    I feel so embarrass because I'm almost 22.. alive ... but still not understood solat.. TT^TT
    If I know the meaning.. I must cry all the time I pray to Allah TT^TT
    Allahhuakbar.. that's video make me realize... how shameful I'm being a human HE created...

    Ya Allah.. that's why I've never concentrate during pray.. :'(

    1. Same here... How shameful we live in HIS world... We live bcoz of HIS oxygen...but we didn't thankful what we got... Together we change ourselves...
      MATI ITU PASTI, DAN SEMAKIN HAMPIR Ketika kita sedang alpa mengejar dunia...

  2. Allahu akbar.i just watched ths just now. emm thanks for sharing. how come we further study till phd, degree etc but the facts, we doesnt knows the meaning of wht we're saying in solat. Ya Allah, rasa kerdilnya diri ni. insyaAllah akan perbaiki diri ni. thankyou for this sharing. jazakillah.

  3. salam.. done watching..
    kekadang kita manusia sering terlupa dan mangambil remeh hal yang besar..
    betapa pentingnya khusyuk dalam solat kepada kesejahteraan hidup kita


Assalamualaikum ~
komen y baik2 k.... tq sebab respon entry saya =)

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