The ten types of relationship that won't work:

1. You care about your partner more than he does about you.

2. Your partner cares more about you than you do about him.

3. You are in love with your partner's potential.

4. You are on a rescue mission.

5. You look up to your partner as a role model.

6. You are infatuated with your partner for external reasons.

7. You have partial compatibility.

8. You choose a partner in order to be rebellious.

9. You choose a partner as a reaction to your previous partner.

10. Your partner is unavailable.

The six BIGGEST mistakes we make in the beginning of a relationship:

1. We don't ask enough questions.

2. We ignore warning signs of potential problems.

3. We make premature compromises.

4. We give in to Lust Blindness.

5. We give in to material seduction.

6. We put Commitment Before Compatibility.

Seven Wrong Reasons to be in a Relationship:

1. Pressure(age, family, friends, etc.)

2. Loneliness and desperation

3. Sexual hunger

4. Distraction from your own life

5. To avoid growing up

6. Guilt

7. To fill up your emotional or spiritual emptiness.

The Lust into Love Formula

1. First, you feel powerful sexual chemistry with someone or, in raw terms, lust.

2. Next, you act on those urges and have sex with that person.

3. Then you experience some guilt or discomfort having been so sexually intimate with someone you aren't that emotionally connected with.

4. Finally you create a relationship with that person to legitimize your lust.

Five Realities about Love

1. Love is not enough to make a relationship work - it needs compatibility and it needs commitment.

2. It just takes a moment to experience infatuation, but true love takes time.

3. It is possible to experience true love with more than one person - there are many potential partners you could be happy with.

4. The right partner will fulfill many of your needs but not all of them.

5. Good sex has nothing to do with true love, but making love does.

Five Deadly Myths about Love

1. True love conquers all.

2. When it's really true love, you will know it the moment you meet the other person.

3. There is only one true love in the world who is right for you.

4. The perfect partner will fulfill you completely in every way.

5. When you experience powerful sexual chemistry with someone, it must be love.

Fatal flaws to watch out for in a partner:

1. Addictions.

2. Anger.

3. Victim consciousness.

4. Control freak

5. Sexual Dysfunction.

6. Hasn't grown up.

7. Emotionally unavailable.

8. Hasn't recovered from past relationships.

9. Emotional damage from childhood.

Here are seven compatibility time bombs that can destroy a relationship:

1. Significant age difference.

2. Different religious background.

3. Different social, ethnic, or educational background.

4. Toxic in-laws.

5. Toxic ex-spouse.

6. Toxic Stepchildren.

7. Long-distance relationships.

Six qualities to look for in a mate:

1. Commitment to personal growth.

2. Emotional openness

3. Integrity

4. Maturity and responsibility

5. High self-esteem.

6. Positive Attitude towards life

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